I am passionate about photography.

Being self-employed lets me choose…

Although I’m partial towards portraits and fashion photography, I also enjoy working with products and photographing nature. But still, I’ll take on any challenge that I find worth my while.

Being a good photographer in my opinion is not just about creating the perfect setting – although it is unquestionably important to find the perfect cadre, skilfully set up the camera, adjust the lights and so on – but finding the perfect angle. It’s about producing such photographs that show people there are infinite ways of looking at the same thing – over and over again, until you realise it is a tad bit different every time you look at it again.

Every job is a challenge (some are more challenging than others), and every challenge becomes an experience.

Only if you put in your best effort, every time, could you hope to pick up new tricks and acquire new skills, open new doors, find new horizons and, in term, move forward.

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