The theme Belgrade’s Whiskerandos is dedicated to all comburgesses who wishly and devotedly attend to their facial adornment, as well as to faithful fans of this undisputable symbol of manhood around the world.

I used this theme as an inspiration for portrait – a logical step in an artist’s journey.

Portrait is all about capturing and projecting personality. As if this fact alone is not enough of a challenge, the advance of art craft and history we live through in our times renders it less and less satisfying, enticing us to reach for and deliver something extra, urging us to look for new ways of presenting peoples’ characters through their expression. Subsequently, it turned out a test of my own character, just as well.

It is a tad bit different in photography, compared to painting or sculpting, for instance, because you work with existing material* (*a physical face or figure of an existing person), rather than pouring it over a canvas, clay or stone with every stroke of a brush or chisel, so you have to be careful when bringing out the features you feel would be worth the effort. And you wonder still.